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St. Theresa’s Catholic High School – Graduated 1990

As the current President and Chief Financial Officer of Weber Manufacturing Technologies in Midland, Chris is responsible for the $26 million company and its 158 employees. He oversees all company matters including risk management, strategic planning, forecasting, financing, foreign exchange, human resources, capital spending and operations.

His education at St. Mary’s Catholic School in Victoria Harbour (now St. Antoine Daniel Catholic School) and St. Theresa’s Catholic High School in Midland helped build the foundation for who he is today. As student council president at St. Theresa’s, he developed leadership skills and work ethic. Chris continues to live a faith-filled life, fostered through his Catholic education – living morally and reaching out to others through volunteer work and charitable contributions.

As an effective communicator, collaborative contributor and a holistic thinker, Chris most recently made the decision to restructure and expand Weber Manufacturing’s Master Grain Division. The move means long-term stability and the creation of more jobs in the Midland community.

“St. Mary’s and St. Theresa’s helped me to develop my confidence and learn that with hard work, dedication and a positive mindset anything is possible. My teachers played a big role in my development, challenging me to continually improve and push the limits.”