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St. Peter’s Catholic Secondary School – Graduated 2002

Ever since graduating from St. Peter’s in 2002, Joseph has been involved in the political sphere. He is currently the Director of Strategic Communications to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and briefs with him daily. Every form of communication, policy, law etc. goes through him, which he then presents to the prime minister.

In 2007, Joseph worked for Navigator, “Canada’s leading high-stakes public strategy and communications firm,” where one of his first clients was Brian Mulroney. “He performed extremely well, he showed maturity and good judgment and discretion. I think these are all qualities that Mr. Harper would value,” Brian Mulroney said about Joseph. He was also a contestant on the television show called “Canada’s Next Prime Minister,” which he won!

He travelled to the United States in 2008 and worked on President Barrack Obama’s presidential campaign. Previous to his role with the Prime Minister of Canada he was Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird’s aide, where he had the opportunity to travel the world and meet various kings, queens and other international delegates.

Joseph believes that his Catholic education and upbringing have played a large role in his life. His conduct and way of acting at work takes a definite Catholic Christian approach.