Our board congratulates the 2016 Our Outstanding Graduates – Where Are They Now? recipients

Throughout our history, tens of thousands of students have graduated from our board. Each of these students has made contributions to society in their own way. Yet, some students have made such valuable or distinct contributions that we wanted to draw particular attention to their achievements. It is exciting to see graduates who live out the virtues, values and Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations that we uphold.

joe boucher
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Joe Boucher
St. Joseph's Catholic High School
Graduated 2002
Dive technician with Parks Canada Underwater Archaeology Team 

 fiona fryer
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Fiona Fryer
St. Joan of Arc Catholic High School
Graduated 2006
Training for the 2016 Special Olympics - Provincial Spring Games and keynote speaker

gavin reynolds
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Gavin Reynolds
St. Theresa's Catholic High School
Graduated 2003
Client Solutions Manager at Facebook Canada and fashion journalist at OUTVisions magazine 

midway state
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Nathan Ferraro and Daenen Bramberger
Jean Vanier Catholic High School
Graduated 2004
Juno nominated musicians with the international rock band Midway State

eric wychopen
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Eric Wychopen
Holy Trinity Catholic High School
Graduated 2008
Part of the inaugural program Interdisciplinary Studies in Global Health and Disability, and engaged with academics from around the globe

lisa morgan
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Lisa Morgan
St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School
Graduated 2002
Midday host at 107.5 KOOL FM and voice actor for national commercials

graeme williams
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Graeme Williams
Patrick Fogarty Catholic Secondary School
Graduated 2005
Working at Apple Inc. as an Optical Display Engineer

carolyn glatt
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Carolyn Glatt
St. Peter's Catholic Secondary School
Graduated 2002
Registered Physiotherapist training with professional and semi-professional athletes

raman sharma
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Raman Sharma
St. Dominic Catholic Secondary School
Graduated 2000
Magician performing for some of the most renowned companies in the world